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Brand Positioning vs. Brand Purpose

Wait, what? There's a difference between the two?

Hey, I'm Matt -- Founder and CEO of 1B Branding. Our goal today is to bring about some educational value through elaborating on the difference between your brands purpose and your brands positioning.

Brand Positioning

Great question. In its simplest terms, the positioning of your brand is the mental real estate you take up within the mind of your (prospective) consumers in comparison to your competitors. Typically, your consumer is going to debate on a deep level why your brand would be or wont be the option chosen to meet their needs.

The positioning of your brand is much more than how you look. In fact, it's really all about the values your brand embodies. We're talking about what your brand says, the tone in which your brand says it, where the message is being delivered to and from, and, lastly, who you're targeting with it.

The importance of focusing on your brands positioning? Another great question. In short, it helps you get deep, not wide. We've all heard the cliche, yet true mention of the importance of finding your niche in business. Crafting a hyper-focused brand position will allow for you to maximize your marketing efforts at the utmost effective level.

Think about it... If Matt LeBris, a 26 year old business owner from NY is your target, talking like you're Elmo and trying to reach me on TikTok most likely wont work. But, if you're conveying your message in a professional manner on LinkedIn, you will be able to hit me (aka the target). It may sound like a silly example, but you can clearly see that to be able to zone in on your targets needs, wants, desires, and preferences, your brands positioning needs to be on point.

That's not all. Positioning will help you differentiate yourself from your competitors. It's said that branding is the art of differentiation and here's why. Standing out all comes down to being authentically and unapologetically yourself. As the most famous doctor in the world once said,

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” - Dr. Seuss

This applies to business on the utmost level. And, this is where a lot of business owners get caught up. They try to imitate to innovate. They see what's "working" and try to put that in place for their brand, yet, that's not how this goes. Sure, it might work once in a blue moon, but you're not setting yourself up for long term success. In fact, that is a short term trap!

From an internal perspective, positioning is what's going to help your top level management identify price points, strategy all around, customer service, and beyond.

Bonus Tips to Help You Craft Your Brand Position:

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  2. Brand Positioning Maps

  3. The Brand Identity Prism

  4. Put Yourself In The Shoes of Your Target Consumer

Brand Purpose

Now, on the flip side, we have brand purpose. Again, there is a difference, so hear me out. Your brands purpose in the simplest of terms is it's reason for existing. Key word here is existing and not selling. Sure, businesses are founded for the purpose of making a living, providing opportunity amongst other elements. But, check out these examples.

Let's start with Dove. Their purpose is much larger than just selling soap and other hygiene products. Personally, I have such an admiration for how Dove is utilizing their platform to bolster the self love of women across the globe. This purpose that Dove is living out may not cut them a check at the end of the day, but it brings a factor of relatability like no other.

And, to keep it real with you, the purpose of the brand solely comes down to the business owner, the C-Suite, and the decision makers. If you're a solopreneur, it's on you. So, you have to ask yourself, why did you start this business? What are the values the company stands by? What's the mission? What keeps you moving the needle forward when the days aren't the easiest? What is your belief as to why this business is needed in the world? That is how you identify your brand purpose.

As corny as this may sound, your brand purpose is the lifeline of the business. The most powerful and impactful companies in the world are those that stand by their purpose. When the brand falters, it gets back on track to the purpose it serves.

So, when you think about it, brand purpose has an immense amount of play in your brands positioning. In most cases, purpose comes before position. But, in the case of Dove, it might not. At the end of it all, purpose, position, and your brand in its entirety comes down to it's unique ability to be itself. Never forget that.

Would love to hear from you, so let's connect.

Until next time.

Be blessed.


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